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At Technauts we deliver. Our skilled IT practitioners have an abundance of experience delivering technology solutions into a wide range of businesses, from small angel start-ups to some of the biggest brands.

Whatever your technical aspirations, we can help turn them into reality.

DevOps Transition

Introducing and adopting a DevOps (or SRE) culture is often a challenging task, but when done well yields significant business benefit. Reducing deployment failures or accelerating your software release velocity; Improving employee engagement & happiness or improve service reliability and automation of change. Whether you’re just starting, or simply need some extra engineering support - we can help.

Cloud Transformation

Whatever your business objectives, the adoption of cloud services can help focus on achieving those objectives with greater efficiency and cadence. We can support that journey with readiness assessments and migation or greenfield deployment projects.

Platform Engineering

There are a vast number of platforms and frameworks available to make developing your individual offerings easier than ever, but they need to integrate reliably. We work closely with all stakeholders to ensure the end-to-end solution adheres to an interoperable set of security, maintenance and reliability standards across all aspects from client software to hosting infrastructure.

Solution Health Check

We’ve all been there - the incumbent solution has started to become unreliable, slow, or unstable, or you have concerns about it’s suitability to support a new use case. There were plans to replace it, but it’s simply not been a priority. We provide assessment and implementation consultancy, proposing a series of tactical and strategic improvements that fit in with your business objectives.

Technical Architecture

If you’re looking to embark on a significant program of work or need some experienced technical ownership and oversight, our Technical Architects are available to help. While designing and implementing efficient, cost-effective technical solutions both big and small we’ll work closely with your business stakeholders to help evangelize the business and technical objectives and deliver on a reliable, secure and trusted solution.

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